One down, two to go!

After fourteen glorious weeks of feeling like I was a zombie, the second trimester came around quickly and I felt like a whole new pregnant woman! The constant exhaustion was now just normal exhaustion, and we were past the “scary zone” of the first trimester. Typically, after 12 weeks, the rate of miscarriage drops to 4% but there is always still a possibility of things going array. We felt it was best to not announce our pregnancy around the 16 weeks mark out of precaution, but once we did it made it feel so real!

This trimester for me, along with many other pregnant mamas, was the easiest! As long as I had my chocolate milk and bean burritos, I was happy as could be! This was the time in my pregnancy that I was actually enjoying a good workout. The first trimester, I was so tired that it took everything in me to complete a workout and in the third trimester…woof. Moving that belly around was a job! The hormones this trimester were still raging strong! My skin was breaking out like crazy and the heartburn was starting to set in. I swear that water would give me heartburn some days! The only thing that would curb it was tums, and a lot of them!

As impatient as we were, we waited until the 20-week anatomy scan to find out the sex of the baby. Everyone always says, “we just want a healthy baby” and clearly that’s all anyone wants, but you’re probably lying if you say that you aren’t hoping for one sex or the other! We were really hoping for a little girl because we only have nephews and wanted to bring a little girl into the cousin crew! All of my symptoms were pointing in the direction of having a girl, according to all of the Pinterest charts, and the Chinese calendar, so we were hopeful! The baby’s heartbeat was always higher than 140, I was craving all things sweet and I was carrying super high! We spent countless hours looking at the charts and trying to see if all the wives tales were correct.

The 20-week scan was the first time that the baby really started to look like a human and not a blob! The ultra sound technician was so sweet, so we were able to spend a good amount of time looking at the baby and watching it move around and practice taking breaths! It’s the wildest thing to be able to feel the baby kicking you but also seeing it move the screen at the same time. Lauren’s mom was able to come with us and it was so special to have her be able to experience this with us. She couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks! The 20-week ultrasound looks at all of the anatomy of the baby to ensure that it is growing at the correct rate and that there are not any problems to be aware of. They spent a good amount of time looking at the heart chambers and internal organ structures, and thankfully the baby was growing right on track and there were no abnormalities! We got all good news, and the babe was growing perfectly!

After what felt like forever (only 5 days), we were able to find out the sex of the baby! Since Lauren is a leap year baby, we had the perfect opportunity to find out on her actual birthday! My sister, also a Lauren, threw us the best reveal/birthday party with all of our closest friends and family gathered together in anticipation! We had confetti cannons ready to go, both so anxious to find out what we were having…




G I R L!!!!!!

Pink confetti shot up around us and we screamed and jumped with happiness! We were so sure that we were going to have a boy because we wanted a girl so badly. We officially got our girl gang!

Now that we knew we were having our baby girl, the decorating began! It was time to bring all of the Pinterest boards to life! Little did we know, two weeks later, the world we knew was shut down due to COVID-19 and it was going to be much harder to be able to shop around for the things we needed. As the world began to shut down, I learned that I was off work for four weeks. I’ll do another post on being pregnant and giving birth during a pandemic, because let me tell you, it was ROUGH for us. Lauren was always very involved with being able to go to every appointment, and never missed a single one until the pandemic. She was no longer able to go with me for checkups, and only got to hear the heartbeat on the videos I would take. The situation wasn’t ideal, but we made the best of it and since I was off work for four weeks, I was able to spend a lot of time on the nursery in preparation for her!

During the second trimester, I finally started to look pregnant, and not just like my burritos and chocolate milk were catching up with my waistline. My belly started to pop more, and the BEST part…we felt her move! I felt her tiny flutters at around 17 weeks and it honestly felt like a little gas bubble! As the weeks went on, it soon went from being soft little flickers to full blown soccer kicks! I knew from 20 weeks that she had potential to one day play on the women’s national soccer team! One can only hope at least. Lauren felt her move for the first time around 24 weeks, and the baby would always immediately perk up and kick whenever she heard Laurens voice, particularly late at night when she would come home from work (she still does this outside the womb). The baby was always the most active at night when I would finally just sit down and rest, and she would just kick nonstop.

Besides my staple Jimboy’s (and ONLY Jimboy’s) burritos and being a chocolate milk monster, I had some weird (for me) cravings! Hot Cheetos were the sh*t. I ate Costco size bags for all of month five of my pregnancy, then woke up one morning and was repulsed by them. Eggs became the grossest things in the entire world, and the smell alone made me want to vomit. Coffee was still a no go and all I wanted was water, water, WATER! I continued to try and incorpotate healthy, whole food options, but it was tough to find something I really enjoyed eating.

I thoroughly enjoyed my second trimester, and I wish they all were as easy as that one! I know that I am EXTREMELY lucky to have had as smooth of a pregnancy as I did and will forever be grateful for that!

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  1. I ate super burritos pretty much every day with my first pregnancy! I worked on a college campus, and my coworker and I would walk to the Cafe. They had an amazing burrito bar! Lol

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