My top pregnancy must haves!

After you first become pregnant and start researching things to help you with pregnancy, a flood of information comes your way! A lot of the products are extremely expensive and not necessary,  but there were a few items that I felt were essential to my pregnancy journey! 

Pregnancy pillow

As the weeks progressed, I began to find it harder to find a comfortable sleeping position. It is recommended that you sleep on your right side as much as possible especially when you get into the third trimester in order to not restrict blood flow to the baby, but there are times where you need additional support! I would highly recommend this pregnancy pillow! I personally liked the C shaped pillow instead of the U shaped pillow, because it was more comfortable with the bump when it got big and allowed me to be able to find comfort in all sleeping positions and align all of my joints. It perfectly contoured to my body and was extremely comfortable to support my knees and hips as I grew.  The jersey knit cover is super soft and cozy, and the pillow itself is squishy! Occasionally, you need to adjust the fluff on the inside of the pillow to level it back out after you have used the pillow the entire time. Trust me, this thing is a sleepsaver! 

Prenatal vitamins

Prenantals are a MUST! My doctor recommended to take the Nature made Prenatal multivitamins every single day, from the beginning of our fertility journey. It has all of the essential vitamins to help boost the development of the baby, and as an added perk it helps your hair and nails grow super strong. I personally preferred this brand and found them to be very afforable!

Maternity Clothing

When it came to clothing, I struggled to find my staple clothing items that were comfortable, fit well and didn’t look like I was wearing a tent. I am a jeans, tee shirt, and chucks kind of girl and I rarely wear dresses, so I needed to find items to fit into my style. Then I found the basics at Motherhood Maternity. I always said that I wasn’t going to go crazy and buy a ton of maternity clothing because I figured I could just wear my pre-pregnancy clothing and be fine, but I was WRONG! My shirts still technically fit, but the bottom of the bump was constantly making an appearance and my active wear pants cut in too tight! I’m not saying to go crazy and buy a whole wardrobe, because let’s be honest, you only wear it for a short time, but the basics are necessary. I needed items that I was able to be comfortable in and at the same time be able to style easily for work. 

Maternity shirts

 I tried multiple brands trying to find simple tee shirts that were comfy and lightweight since I was pregnant in the middle of summer! I personally found the Motherhood Maternity basic v-neck tees to be the best! They were long enough that they would completely cover the bump even at 9 months pregnant, and with the rouching on the sides they wouldn’t ride up. Other brands seemed to constantly need to be pulled down or would significantly shrink. They have a lot of different color options and materials and are perfect for the postpartum transition and well. 

Maternity leggings

Again, Motherhood Maternity coming in clutch with these super comfortable and lightweight full panel leggings! Somedays, you just do not want to wear jeans and these leggings are the perfect substitute. You can dress them both up and down to fit your needs, and the full panel is not constricting on your bump. I personally preferred these over the low under belly panel because they don’t slip down throughout the day. The thicker style is nice for winter months, but I personally was always hot and wanted the breathable material. 

Maternity jeans

These Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel jeans from Target were by far the most comfortable, and most affordable pair of jeans that I was able to find. Most maternity clothes shopping is only available online and can be extremely expensive for temporary items! I found that with this brand there was a lot of variety of color washes and panels that you are able to choose from. I once again preferred the full panel in the front, and has a v-shaped contoured panel in that back that is extremely supportive. The only downside of this brand of jeans is along the front full panel are thick seams that are very noticeable through your shirt. 

The top three stores that I shopped at were Motherhood Maternity, Target and Pink Blush Maternity. Pink blush can be a bit pricey, but is a great option for the more stylish mamas to be! They have the best options for photoshoot dresses and more formal items for the workplace.

Nursing Bras

There are SO many different brands and options for nursing gear! I used the Motherhood Maternity full coverage seamless nursing bras while I was pregnant because they did not have an underwire cutting into the top of my belly, and are comfortable when your boobs are so sensitive! During your pregnancy everything grows significantly and none of my pre-pregnancy bras fit after the first trimester! Kindered Bravely nursing bras are amazing and were a close second, but were a better option for postpartum and pumping!

Skin Care

 I found that during pregnancy, my skin changed so much due to the hormone shift. I was constantly breaking out and my skin had become very oily and was in desperate need of help, but I wanted to be very cautious with the products that I was using! This Cetaphil Pro foaming face wash was a game changer for my skin, and I immediately saw a change. I also used their Pro daily facial moisturizer. There are a lot of chemicals that you want to avoid putting on your skin during pregnancy, including retinoids and salicylic acid to name a few. It was difficult to find affordable skin care that did not have these harmful chemicals, but Cetaphil was clean, affordable, and worked wonders!

I had a smooth and easy pregnancy and didn’t require a lot of medical gear, like compression wear or belly bands, but these were a few of the items that I felt made my nine months a little easier! 

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