The final countdown…

The final 12 weeks flew by! We are in the final stretch of this marathon and it was slowly starting to sink in that we were about to become mommies! I worked until I was 36 weeks then spent a majority of my time getting everything prepared, swimming to beat the 100-degree weather and walking. It was time for our baby shower, making sure that her nursery was ready, and get our hospital bags packed!

Even though I felt large and in charge, we wanted to get maternity photos but we weren’t sure that was going to be possible with covid! Luckily for us, we had an amazing photographer who was willing to take them. We went out into a beautiful location that we were able to be socially distanced at and got some gorgeous photos that we will treasure forever!

With covid in full effect for the entire last half of the pregnancy, trying to figure out a baby shower plan was difficult. Covid had already taken so much from us during this special time and we knew had a tough choice to make. We ultimately decided to have a shower with a limited amount of friends and family and kept it small. We gave our guests the option to wear masks if they felt comfortable or just stop by to drop off a gift and pick up a party favor. We didn’t want anyone to feel obligated to risk their health for us but also wanted to be able to share this moment with them. It was very low key and Covid friendly. This baby girl was already so spoiled and received so many thoughtful and perfect gifts for her arrival.  We were etremely grateful that our group of people were willing to come together and celebrate us and shower us with love! It was nice to be able to have a little bit of normalcy in life and enjoy a bit of time celebrating this special occasion with our closest people. Overall, it was perfect.

The final twelve weeks went both extremely fast and agonizingly slow. We were so excited to meet the baby and be able to snuggle her but at the same time facing realization that labor is getting closer and closer. We were always guessing when her birthday would be and what we thought she would weigh, and anxiously awaiting her arrival. When it came to labor and delivery, I wasn’t scared for the pain of labor or the process but I was terrified of something going wrong. For some reason when you’re pregnant, other moms decide now is a great time to tell you every horror story about their labor attempting to be helpful but mainly it just instills the fear of it all into you. To say I was nervous was an understatement.

At this point in my pregnancy, it was time for bi-weekly appointments until 32 weeks and then weekly appointments to check on the growth of the baby. At 32 weeks we went in to get another ultrasound (Lauren actually got to come to this one!) and got to see our sweet baby girl! Much to our surprise, in the middle to the ultrasound, the technician asked if we wanted to see the baby in 4D and we were so pumped! It is crazy how clearly we could see the baby and all of her features, and looking back at them now, it’s amazing how similar she looks!


My pregnancy was going extremely smooth and picture perfect. I hadn’t gained too much weight, and still felt fantastic! I was feeling large but who doesn’t when they’re about to pop out a whole human! By the end of my pregnancy, I wasn’t having any cravings but rather had to make sure that I was eating enough! I was finding it uncomfortable to eat a lot because there was no space, which made everything give me heartburn! Pregnancy insomnia was setting in preparing me for the long nights of the newborn phase, and finding a comfortable position to sleep was challenging! Thank god for whoever invented preggo pillows! It was the middle of summer and it was HOT outside so I spend most of my last few weeks floating around our pool!

By 38 weeks, I still wasn’t showing any signs of labor, but it was time for our weekly check in! We went to the office the same as every other week, but when we got there my blood pressure was HIGH! The nurse told us not to worry and the doctor would run some bloodwork. I panicked immediately because up until this point everything was going so perfectly. We went and immediately got the blood work done and the next day the office called and asked me to come back in for some observation of the baby since my platelet count was low and all my symptoms were indicative of preeclampsia. They took my blood pressure again and it was high and hooked me up to the NST (non-stress test) machine which is how they monitor the baby. They placed two monitors on my belly, one for the fetal heartbeat and one for contractions. The baby looked completely healthy but she still sent us over to labor and delivery to keep an eye on us until they could get my blood pressure under control.

We were trying to keep it together and keep it positive, but we were both internally freaking out! Although she would have been completely fine to come out, we wanted her to bake as long as possible, and we didn’t have anything with us to be admitted! Being the control freak that I am, I was not ok with everything not going to plan, which I soon learned happens often in parenthood. After a few hours of observation, my blood pressure regulated and the baby looked perfect, so they sent us home, but we had to come back in the morning for more blood work and another NST in labor and delivery.

We went back the following morning, both positive that I would be induced and we would meet our baby girl. We packed up the car and headed to the hospital. We checked in and my blood pressure was high once again, so they ran my blood work which showed my platelet count was even lower. The doctors decided that it wasn’t necessary to deliver that day and would be fine to head home but I had to remain on limited bed rest and monitor my blood pressure twice a day at home, and have a NST for the baby with my doctor twice a week.

It was reassuring being able to go the NST appointments twice a week and get to hear the baby’s heartbeat and know that shew as doing well! We were able to keep my blood pressure low enough to not have to induce early but then my due date, July 11th, came and went without her attempting to make any effort of coming out! My doctor wouldn’t let me go too far past my due date because of my blood pressure so we decided that if she didn’t come out by the evening of the 15th, we would induce! I went for walk after walk, used the yoga ball, did every stretch they say works, and even ate spicy foods (which I HATE!) but she didn’t not want to come out!!

After two hospital false alarms, two covid tests and a ton of walks, the 15th quickly approached with no signs of her attempting to make her entrance so at 5pm we headed to the hospital and prepared to meet out baby girl!

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