Vegan, Gluten Free Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Lactation Cookies

For all you breastfeeding mamas out there, you know the struggle of trying to keep your supply up along with the demands of life and always worrying if you are producing enough milk to keep your baby happy and full! Simple things can cause a sudden drop in your supply that you don’t even realize […]

Delivery day!

Just like pregnancy, this post is a long one! After 40 weeks and 4 days of growing this sweet girl, it was time to send her an eviction notice! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely L O V E D being pregnant but I was ready to meet our baby and snuggle her. For the […]

The final countdown…

The final 12 weeks flew by! We are in the final stretch of this marathon and it was slowly starting to sink in that we were about to become mommies! I worked until I was 36 weeks then spent a majority of my time getting everything prepared, swimming to beat the 100-degree weather and walking. […]

My top pregnancy must haves!

After you first become pregnant and start researching things to help you with pregnancy, a flood of information comes your way! A lot of the products are extremely expensive and not necessary,  but there were a few items that I felt were essential to my pregnancy journey!  Pregnancy pillow As the weeks progressed, I began […]

One down, two to go!

After fourteen glorious weeks of feeling like I was a zombie, the second trimester came around quickly and I felt like a whole new pregnant woman! The constant exhaustion was now just normal exhaustion, and we were past the “scary zone” of the first trimester. Typically, after 12 weeks, the rate of miscarriage drops to […]

The one with the exhaustion…

You know how you always hear about the first trimester of pregnancy being the one where you feel sick all the time, you’re exhausted and constantly worried something is going wrong? Well, that’s almost exactly how it goes! I count my lucky stars, because my pregnancy was mostly a textbook-perfect pregnancy. Fortunately for me, I […]

We’re pregnant!

We knew that once we had a positive pregnancy test, we wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while. We told my sister and brother in law immediately, since we all live together, and let’s be honest, we are not good at keeping things from people! We had our first ultrasound at six weeks, […]

IUI Attempt #2

And so we begin again! After the first failed IUI in September, we decided we would try one more cycle and then wait until January to try the next one if it didn’t work. October 2019 was going to hopefully be our lucky month! The feelings going into this cycle were a little different this […]

First IUI Attempt

September 2019. It was finally time for our first IUI attempt! We went in for our 11 day ultrasound to check and see how many follicles I had that were ready to go! This cycle we were able to get two healthy follicles that were large enough to be able to attempt our first IUI. […]

Let’s make a baby!

My body has always been a bit of a struggle bus when it comes to health since my teen years. I have never been the epitome of a healthy person. Something has always been breaking or stopped functioning properly since I was a kid, but it just kind of became who I am. I’ve never […]


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